What Is The Meaning Of Conferred?

What is the opposite of conferred?

Opposite of to have conferred a title.





Has been conferred meaning?

to bestow upon as a gift, favor, honor, etc.: to confer a degree on a graduate. Obsolete. to compare.

What is a synonym for conferred?

SYNONYMS. bestow on, present to, present with, grant to, award to, decorate with, honour with, give to, give out to, gift with, endow with, vest in, hand out to, extend to, vouchsafe to, accord to.

What does it mean to confer with someone?

1[intransitive] confer (with somebody) (on/about something) to discuss something with someone, in order to exchange opinions or get advice He wanted to confer with his colleagues before reaching a decision.

How do you use conferred in a sentence?

Conferred sentence examplesTwo years later the same prize was conferred on him without competition. … The powers conferred on Alva were those of military dictator. … confirmed the Sicilian agreement on conditions even more favourable to Charles, who sailed in 1265, and conferred on the expedition all the privileges of a crusade.More items…

What does conferred mean in law?

conferred. DEFINITIONS2. transitive ​formalto give something such as authority, a legal right, or an honour to someone.

How long does it take for a degree to be conferred?

a. Degree Conferral: Generally, 8-10 weeks after the end of the quarter. b. Diploma: Generally, 30-90 days after your degree has been conferred.

What is a degree conferred date?

A: The Degree Conferred date is the date one is awarded their graduate degree or post-graduate certificate. Students are NOT eligible to test until all didactic and clinical course requirements for the NP program are completed.

When can I put my degree on my resume?

Your expected graduation date should be placed next to your degree or diploma, within the education section of your resume. When you’re still studying, this section should sit above your job experience. These sections will be reordered, with experience on top of education, once you enter the workforce.

WHAT DOES year conferred mean?

A degree is conferred when a final degree audit is conducted and your transcript is finalized. … Degrees are conferred year round as students complete their degree program. Graduation is the act of getting a diploma or academic degree in a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are given out.

How do I know if my degree has been conferred?

When Can I Say I Have a Degree?A transcript that says “awarded” or “conferred.”Confirmation from the registrar’s office that your degree has been conferred.A diploma (although this might arrive in the mail after the date of conferral).

What is another word for given?

“She was not often given to anger.” “The number of accidents at this spot in a given period.”…What is another word for given?inclinedproneaptliabledisposedlikelypredisposedinuredtendingaddicted53 more rows

What is the meaning of bestow?

transitive verb. 1 : to put to use : apply bestowed his spare time on study. 2 : to put in a particular or appropriate place : stow …