Quick Answer: Who Is The Opener Batsman Of Australia?

Who is the best openers in the world?

1st Player 2nd PlayerInns1S R Tendulkar & S C Ganguly1362M L Hayden & A C Gilchrist1143C G Greenidge & D L Haynes1024R G Sharma & S Dhawan10750 more rows.

Who is Australian captain?

Aaron FinchTim PaineAustralian Men’s Cricket Team/Captains

Who is best captain in the world?

Top 10 Most Successful Cricket Captains of All TimeMohammad Azharuddin Captaincy Record:Steve Waugh Captaincy Record:Hansie Cronje Captaincy Record:Stephen Fleming Captaincy Record:Allan Border Captaincy Record:Graeme Smith Captaincy Record:MS Dhoni Captaincy Record:Ricky Ponting Captaincy Record:More items…

Who is the opening batsman of Australia?

PlayersNameAgeBatting styleOpening BatsmenDavid Warner34Left-handedTop/Middle-order BatsmenTravis Head26Left-handed16 more rows

Who is Australia’s best batsman?

Donald Bradman. The man that is referred to as a machine with the most impressive batting average in history is Donald Bradman. … Ricky Ponting. Ricky Ponting is not only one of the best Australian batsman, but one of the best in the world. … Steve Waugh. … Greg Chappell. … Matthew Hayden. … Allan Border. … Michael Clarke. … Micheal Hussey.More items…•

Who is the best opener batsman in the world?

The 5 best ODI Openers in the world currently#5 Hashim Amla (South Africa)#4 Martin Guptill (New Zealand)#3 Shikhar Dhawan (India)#2 Jonny Bairstow (England)#1 Rohit Sharma (India)