Quick Answer: When Not In Use Hand Held Power Tools Should Be?

When inspecting power tools What do they look for?

Inspect cords for defects: check the power cord for cracking, fraying, and other signs of wear or faults in the cord insulation.

Check for damaged switches and ones with faulty trigger locks.

Inspect the plug for cracks and for missing, loose or faulty prongs..

Which hand held power tools must be equipped with a constant pressure switch?

The following hand-held power tools must be equipped with a constant-pressure switch or control that shuts off the power when pressure is released: drills; tappers; fastener drivers; horizontal, vertical, and angle grinders with wheels more than 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) in diameter; disc sanders with discs greater …

Which hand held power tools may only be equipped with a positive on off switch?

platen sandersThe following hand-held powered tools may be equipped with only a positive “on-off” control switch: platen sanders, disc sanders with discs 2 inches or less in diameter; grinders with wheels 2 inches or less in diameter; routers, planers, laminate trimmers, nibblers, shears, scroll saws and jigsaws with blade shanks …

What are the hazards of using power tools?

Power tools present hazards such as noise, vibration, electrical, moving parts and projectiles. They have the power to cause severe and even fatal injury if used incorrectly.

What should I avoid when using hand tools?

What should I avoid when using hand tools?Do not use tools for jobs they are not intended to do. … Do not apply excessive force or pressure on tools.Do not cut towards yourself when using cutting tools.Do not hold the stock in the palm of your hand when using a cutting tool or a screwdriver.More items…

What are safe practices when using cutting tools?

Hand Tools – Cutting Tools for Bolts, Cables, and StrappingWear safety glasses or goggles, or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles) and protective gloves when using cutters.Choose the proper cutter for the job. … Cut materials straight across – keep the material being cut at right angles to the cutting edges of jaws.More items…

What is the main danger associated with pneumatic tools?

There are several dangers encountered in the use of pneumatic tools. The main one is the danger of getting hit by one of the tool’s attachments or by some kind of fastener the worker is using with the tool. Eye protection is required and face protection is recommended for employees working with pneumatic tools.

What are the two types of primary safeguarding methods?

Two primary methods are used to safeguard machines: guards and some types of safeguarding devices. Guards provide physical barriers that prevent access to danger areas.

What should you use to clean hand and power tools quizlet?

Clean power tools with: recommended nonflammable and nontoxic solvent. use air drying in place of blowing with compressed air.

What should you never engage when using power tools?

trigger lockThis preview shows page 1 out of 1 page. When using power tools, never engage the trigger lock. Before replacing parts such as bits, blades, or discs on any tool, you must disconnect the power source.

What should you use to clean hand and power tools?

Following are the items you will need to clean power tools:Heavy duty gloves.Compressed air can.Bucket.Hot water.Towels.Cleaning rags.Vinegar.WD-40 specialist degreaser.More items…•

What is a positive on off control switch?

Note: A positive “on-off” control means a switch that you must push to turn the tool on and then push again to turn it off.