Quick Answer: How Many Red Cards Has David Luiz?

Who does David Luiz play for now?

Arsenal F.C.#23 / DefenderDavid Luiz/Current teams.

What trophies has Luiz won?

David Luiz holding the UEFA Europa League trophy after winning the final with Chelsea.

Has David Luiz signed a new contract?

Arsenal defender David Luiz has agreed a new one-year contract with the club. Defenders Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares will also join the Gunners permanently at the end of their loan deals, from Flamengo and Southampton respectively.

How old is Luiz?

33 years (April 22, 1987)David Luiz/Age

What race is David Luiz?

As stated earlier, David came from an average family background with relatively young parents who gave birth to him early. He took after his dad’s face and his mum skin tone. His dad, Ladislau Marinho is of Afro Brazilian origin.

Where is David Luiz right now?

Arsenal F.C.#23 / DefenderDavid Luiz/Current teams

What is David Luiz’s salary?

Salary David Luiz – SportMediaset.it The Brazilian, 32, comes from Chelsea for 8 million pounds, equivalent to around 8.5 million euros and has signed for two seasons.

How much is David Luiz on a week?

William Saliba will be available next season after being loaned back to St-Etienne for a final season with the French club, adding to Mikel Arteta’s options in defence. Arsenal agreed a reduction in wages for players to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, with David Luiz’s salary around £120,000 a week.

How long is Luiz contract?

LONDON (AP) — Arsenal defender David Luiz has agreed to a contract extension for the 2020-21 season, the Premier League club said Wednesday. The 33-year-old Brazil center back joined Arsenal on a one-year contract from Chelsea last year.

How good is David Luiz?

5 Reasons Why David Luiz Is a World-Class Defender and Worth His Transfer Fee. … Since his move, whether it was because of the play of Luiz, or because he was lucky to land at Chelsea, he has been very successful. He has won the FA Cup, and lifted both the Europa League and Champions League trophies.