Quick Answer: How Far Is Orkney From Glasgow?

How do I get from Glasgow to Orkney?

You can fly to Orkney with Loganair.

Flights are available from Glasgow (60 minutes), Edinburgh (60 minutes), Inverness (45 minutes), Aberdeen (50 minutes) and Shetland (35 minutes); most also have good links to other national airports..

How long is ferry from Aberdeen to Orkney?

around 6 hoursThe Aberdeen Kirkwall ferry route connects Scotland with Orkney Islands. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Northlink Ferries. The crossing operates up to 4 times each week with sailing durations from around 6 hours.

How long is the ferry from Thurso to Orkney?

around 1 hour 30 minutesThe crossing operates up to 21 times each week with sailing durations from around 1 hour 30 minutes.

How far is Orkney from London?

533 milesThe distance between London and Orkney Islands is 533 miles.

Can you fly to Orkney?

You can fly direct to Orkney from Scotland’s major airports, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness, with Loganair, and these airports have good connections to Manchester, Birmingham, the main London airports, etc. … You can pick up a hire car at the airport or travel by bus or taxi to continue your adventure.

When can you see the northern lights in Orkney?

Orkney is a great place to witness the Northern Lights, with autumn and winter the ideal time of year. That said, clear, dark skies are needed, in addition to the right levels of atmospheric activity.

How do I get to Orkney by train?

You can catch the boat to Orkney from Aberdeen or Thurso. The train journey to Aberdeen from Glasgow or Edinburgh takes you up Scotland’s east coast where you’ll cross the famous Tay bridge and enjoy some great views towards the North Sea. The sea journey from Aberdeen to Kirkwall takes around four hours.

How much is the ferry from Thurso to Orkney?

NorthLink Ferries operates a ferry from Scrabster Ferry Terminal to Stromness Orkney Ferry Terminal every 4 hours. Tickets cost £13 – £19 and the journey takes 1h 30m.

Do you need a passport to go to Orkney?

Do I need a passport to visit Orkney? Nope. Not at all. You might need photo ID if you have to collect tickets or if you have applied for some sort of discount on the ferry, but that’s it.

Are there midges in Orkney?

Unlike the West of Scotland and the highlands, Orkney doesn’t have too much bother with midges…… until August that is. Midges are tiny biting, flying insects, the size of a pin head. Thankfully, as I live near to the shore there is usually a breeze so the horrid beasts are kept at bay.

Where is Gills Bay Scotland?

Gills Bay is located to the northeast of the Caithness settlement of Gills, 3 miles (5 km) west of John o’ Groats in the Highland Council Area. Gills Bay is easily reached when driving round the Scottish north coast road. It is a favourite sunbathing spot for local seal populations.

How long does the ferry to Orkney take?

40 minutesOperated by John O’Groats Ferries exclusively for foot passengers, it is the quickest ferry journey at just 40 minutes. Landing in Burwick, one of the most southerly points in Orkney, this journey is only available between May and September and connects with sightseeing bus tours.

How do you get around Orkney?

Whether by bus, car, bike, ferry or plane – travelling around Orkney is very straightforward. Travelling around Orkney is very straightforward. Our roads are quiet and we have excellent bus and inter-island ferry services, along with an inter-island air service, ensuring all corners of the islands are accessible.

How long is the ferry from Scotland to Orkney?

90 minuteNorthLink Ferries also sail from Scrabster on the north coast of Scotland to Stromness in Orkney. This is the only ferry crossing to take you past the breathtaking Old Man of Hoy. The 90 minute crossing takes place up to three times a day.

Do you need a car on Orkney?

I would 100% recommend hiring a car to travel around the Orkney Islands. Taxis are available but you really need your own wheels to see this beautiful island properly.

Are there trees in Orkney?

It’s true, of course, Orkney doesn’t have many trees. … The location of the islands, exposed to Atlantic gales, probably limited further succession but Orkney had its woods. It still has a few. Berriedale Wood in Hoy is officially Britain’s most northerly, natural woodland.

Are ferries to Orkney still running?

Sailings to and from Orkney and Shetland are open for all travellers, however, to allow physical distancing, there will be limits on the numbers that can sail, so please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

How do I get to Kirkwall?

GETTING HERE.By boat. There are four ferry routes to choose from and between 4 and 12 sailings a day depending on the season: … By plane. Direct flights from all major Scottish airports operated by LoganAir, booked through Flybe: www.flybe.com.By train. … By bus. … Travel around Orkney.

How much is the ferry from Aberdeen to Orkney?

Aberdeen – KirkwallLowPeakChild Single£10.80£16.40InfantFREEFREEConcessions£19.30£29.70Vehicles28 more rows

Is it worth going to Orkney Islands?

It’s possible to get to all the inhabited islands with Orkney Ferries. It’s worth spending some time visiting the outer islands of Orkney, and not just the mainland, as they have even more things to see and do and their isolation means you’ll be less likely to run into other tourists!

Can you take a motorhome to Orkney?

The Orkney Islands are a brilliant place to explore, and taking a caravan, motorhome or tent is a brilliant way to see the best of the islands.