Quick Answer: Can We Insert Data Into Multiple Tables Using Single Query?

How can insert data into two tables simultaneously in SQL Server?

Solution 1Create the trigger – run this in the SQL query analyser.

Run a test query on the query analyser (insert data into the employee table) …

Now the trigger is automatically invoked (when ever you do a insert statement) and the users table is inserted with a new entry..

What is difference between view and table?

A view is a virtual table. A view consists of rows and columns just like a table. The difference between a view and a table is that views are definitions built on top of other tables (or views), and do not hold data themselves. If data is changing in the underlying table, the same change is reflected in the view.

Can you join two views SQL?

In combining views, we can’t simply use JOINs (which JOIN columns). Instead we use UNION. UNION must have same number of columns and compatible types before and after the UNION.

How do I make multiple tables into one query?

Build a select query by using tables with a many-to-many relationshipOn the Create tab, in the Queries group, click Query Design. … In the Show Table dialog box, double-click the two tables that contain the data you want to include in your query and also the junction table that links them, and then click Close.More items…

How can we insert values from two tables in single query?

This technique for inserting data into multiple tables using a single SQL statement consists of three elements:A view in the database that groups the data to be inserted (from all the tables) into one “table”An INSERT statement to add the data, using the view as the destination “table” in the INSERT statement.More items…•

Can we insert data into table using view?

You can insert, update, and delete rows in a view, subject to the following limitations: If the view contains joins between multiple tables, you can only insert and update one table in the view, and you can’t delete rows. You can’t directly modify data in views based on union queries.

Can we create a view from multiple tables?

Views can be created from a single table, multiple tables or another view. To create a view, a user must have the appropriate system privilege according to the specific implementation.

How do I insert two tables at once?

8 Answers. No, you can’t insert into multiple tables in one MySQL command. You can however use transactions. BEGIN; INSERT INTO users (username, password) VALUES(‘test’, ‘test’); INSERT INTO profiles (userid, bio, homepage) VALUES(LAST_INSERT_ID(),’Hello world!

How can I insert 100 rows in SQL?

You could use the table master. dbo. spt_values : set identity_insert #test1 off; insert into #test1 (test_id) select top (100) row_number() over (order by (select null)) from master.

How do you insert data into a relational table?

How to insert data into relational tableinsert data into table.Get the last inserted row id.Insert the last inserted row id into the relational tables.

How many tables may be included with a join?

How many tables may be included with a join? Explanation: Join can be used for more than one table.

How insert values into multiple tables in SQL?

If you want to insert more rows than that, you should consider using multiple INSERT statements, BULK INSERT or a derived table. Note that this INSERT multiple rows syntax is only supported in SQL Server 2008 or later. To insert multiple rows returned from a SELECT statement, you use the INSERT INTO SELECT statement.