Question: Why Does A Cricketer Lowers His Hand While Catching A Fast Moving Ball?

Why a player lowers his hand while taking a catch?

Thus a player, by lowering his hand, increases the time of impulse so as to decrease the force acting on his hand by the ball which prevents him from injury..

Why does a fielder pulls his arms back while trying to stop or catch a cricket ball?

To minimize the rate of change of momentum, △t must increase, therefore by pulling his hands back, the fielder is increasing the time in which the momentum becomes zero, and thereby reducing the force exerted on his hands.

How do you catch a cricket ball without it hurting?

To avoid injuries, always make an effort to catch a ball with 2 hands in a cupped grip. Never catch a ball with your fingers, and always use your palms to cushion the ball.

What are the applications of impulse?

A very important application of impulse is improving safety and reducing injuries. In many cases, an object needs to be brought to rest from a certain initial velocity. This means there is a certain specified change in momentum.