How Do You Counter Medusa Late Game?

How do you counter invoker?

ViperCorrosive Skin makes Viper receive less damage from Invoker’s spells.Viper can harass Invoker with his Poison Attack in the early game.Viper Strike and Poison Attack can kill Invoker easily if Ghost Walk is on cooldown..

How do you counter Pudge?

Make his life hell in lane (remember that Rot damages pudge as much as you before level 9, so when he tries to run you down with rot, fight back), push so that he has to sacrifice XP for a rune, and be ready to counter gank when he goes for a gank (around levels 4-7).

Is Sven a hard carry?

Sven has always had the skillset to be a hard carry. His main issues were always that he was quite unreliable in the role. He’s always had the damage (god strength is largely unchanged over time), but had issues with being kited or just generally not being able to get his damage out (similar to ursa).

Is drow ranger a hard carry?

Drow Ranger is a ranged Agility hero who is generally played as a hard-carry or semi-carry. In the current state of the game, Drow Ranger is most often played as a carry in the easy lane (also known as the safe lane) and less often in the mid lane.

Does Medusa ULT go through BKB?

Now this is the most broken skill in the game. For 6 seconds no one can fight her, even with bkb. She can only use her ulti to escape because she’s useless in early-mid games.

Who counters drow ranger?

Drow RangerCountersHeroDis.Hero Win RateBrewmaster1.15%51.18%Shadow Demon1.09%53.42%Chaos Knight1.07%47.76%Elder Titan0.94%49.49%104 more rows

Does eye of skadi work with illusions?

Illusion-based heroes like to purchase this item as a late game luxury, as it makes their illusions far more durable, and they deal damage based purely on the hero’s primary attribute, not any bonus damage their items provide. Diffusal Blade, Eye of Skadi offers a strong constant slow for the late game.

How do you counter Medusa?

Best way to counter Medusa?The most obvious answer you’ll get is: choose heroes that can burn away mana (Antimage, QW Invoker, or Necro carriers). … Contain her early/mid game. … Medusa will typically not build a BKB, but will often build a manta.More items…

How do you counter Sven?

Spectral Dagger hinders Sven’s low movement speed, and can be an easy tool to escape against his high damage. Dispersion makes it harder for Sven to burst down Spectre in one on one fights, and can reflect Sven’s high damage back to him or his nearby teammates. Blink Dagger.

Is drow ranger good?

Yes absolutely, especially with a ranged lineup. Her 3rd ability gives global bonus damage to all ranged heros and if you use it, it works on creeps too. Good for pushing towers. Her gust is super important and if you land them against 2-3 enemies you’ll be in for a good time.

How do you counter Viper?

Glimmer Cape’s invisibility prevents Viper from attacking the target, and the magic resistance counteracts Viper’s damage over time. Force Staff can allow a hero to escape while slowed by Viper. Silver Edge’s break disables Corrosive Skin, making him weaker even against the heroes he naturally counters.

How do you kill Medusa in Dota?

ItemsDiffusal Blade burns away the mana Medusa needs for Mana Shield also its active ability will slow her down.Necronomicon provides mana burning summons, and Split Shot makes Medusa especially vulnerable to getting hit with Last Will.More items…

How does Medusa Mana Shield work?

Mana Shield protects her from the opening damage of teamfights, and if supplemented with items makes killing Medusa a fatally time-consuming process. Stone Gaze acts as a fantastic defensive mechanism against ganks and initiations alike, with crippling effects on all who dare face the Gorgon.

Who counters Medusa smite?

Assassin – ArachneAssassin – Arachne: If you want someone to combat Medusa in all stages of the game rather than just 1 and come out on top, here’s your pick. Medusa can’t escape her. The web, the jump which also serves as the “anti-ult”.