How Can I Pass Like Messi?

How do you do the banana kick?

The technique of the Banana kick in football Take a football ball and place it on the ground and take a few steps back.

Take aim on the target, could be on the right or the left.

Kick the ball by grazing it low on one side.

Now try hitting, the target with every shot you take..

Who is the best dribbler in football?

Lionel MessiLionel Messi is widely considered to be the best dribbler in world football but the six-time Ballon d’Or winner finds himself in fourth spot on this list after completing 5.7 dribbles every 90 minutes.

What part of the foot does Messi dribble with?

He uses the outside of his foot to push the ball forward and not his lace spot of the boot. This only makes the ball move slightly away from his body. And throughout the dribble, Messi uses a bent body shape so that it helps him push forward.

How do footballers curve the ball?

Players are often able to curve the flight of the ball into the net by imparting a spin to the ball. Soccer players call this effect “bending” and it is caused by aerodynamic forces on the ball. All that is necessary to create lift is to turn a flow of air.

How is Messi so fast?

Messi’s small stature make him able to accelerate at a blistering pace. Because he has less mass to move, acceleration is easier for him. He’s not the fastest player out there, but he can beat defenders because he accelerates faster than anyone. He is better than anyone else at dribbling because of his brilliant mind.

How does Messi dribble?

Messi’s signature move happens so quick it’s easy to miss, which is why it’s so effective against defenders. Basically, to juke out a defender, Messi takes one stutter-step in the fake direction, feints, and then dribbles in the opposite with the outside of his foot. Approach the defender slowly.

How does Messi train?

Messi uses the exercises of pillar skips, skipping ropes, and squats to further build his leg muscles. For agility, he skips past diagonal hurdles, cones and other obstacles to improve his lateral movements.

Who is the best free kick taker?

Top 10 Free Kick Takers Of All TimeRoberto Carlos Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos was a specialist in taking long free kicks, he kicks had an amazing shot power. … Ronaldinho. … Frank Lampard. … Cristiano Ronaldo. … Lionel Messi. … Andrea Pirlo. … David Beckham. … Juninho. Juninho scored over 40 goals from free kicks in his career, including 4 goals from over 40 yards out.More items…